Ornamental Trees


  • Acer campestre 'Carnival'

    8-12' H. Part shade to shade. Zone 4.

    A bright splash of color from this variegated maple will light up any shady area. Leaves emerge with pink, cream and light green coloring and then morph into a mostly white and green leaf. Slow growing.
    Item # 5074
  • Acer palmatum 'Atropurpurea'

    12-15' H, 3' W. Full sun. Zone 5.

    Small upright tree with red foliage throughout the growing season. Needs winter protection.
    Item # 518
  • Acer pensylvanicum

    15-25' H, 12-20' W. Full sun to part shade. Zone 3.

    Greenish bark on young branches and trunks is vertically marked with distinctive white stripes. Obovate, double-serrulate, three-lobed leaves emerge with pink hues in the spring, mature to dark green by summer and turn bright yellow in fall.
    Item # 5024
  • Acer pseudoplatanus 'Esk Sunset'

    12' H. Full sun to part shade. Zone 4.

    Kaleidoscope proportions! Its spring leaves emerge orange-pink and settle into a leaf that is green splashed with cream and pink. Incredibly the underside of the leaf is purple! Originally from New Zealand.
    Item # 4621
  • Acer pseudosieboldianum

    12-15' H, 8-10' W. Full sun to part shade. Zone 3.

    Outstanding features of this small Asiatic maple - extreme cold-hardiness and brilliant yellow, red and orange fall color. It just adds spice to a space.
    Item # 2753
  • Acer pseudosieboldianum 'Kordak'

    13' H, 10' W. Full sun. Zone 3.

    A very hardy selection of Korean Maple. New foliage emerges in spring medium green. Outstanding orange to red color developes for fall.
    Item # 05539
  • Acer rubrum 'Framett'

    30-35' H, 15-20' W. Full sun to part shade. Zone 4.

    A variegated maple with color year round. In the spring and summer the leaves exhibit a creamy yellow pigment to go along with the normal green color. In the fall the leaves turn to a burgundy mixture of purples, pinks, and reddish-browns throughout.
    Item # 5023
  • Acer shirasawanum 'Moonrise'

    12-15' H. Full sun to part shade. Zone 4.

    The changing foliage of this maple will amaze you. Red-green leaves in spring change to yellow-green in summer then to orange-yellow in fall. A very fun ornamental tree!
    Item # 4850
  • Acer tegmentosum

    10-12' H. Full sun to part shade. Zone 4.

    This is the hardiest of all the striped-bark maples. Green and white vertically striped bark is really unique. This Asian species remains small and lightly branched with large leaves that turn bright yellow in fall.
    Item # 4851
  • Acer truncatum

    15-20' H&W. Full sun. Zone 4.

    Changing leaf color is what makes this cool. Leaves will emerge purple/orange then change to green in summer then to orange and red in fall. This one keeps you guessing. Round form - slow growth rate.
    Item # 2706
  • Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Morioka Weeping'

    15-25' H. Full sun. Zone 4.

    Mounds of graceful weeping branches. Blue-green, slightly puckered leaves turn yellow orange in fall.
    Item # 3908
  • Cercis canadensis

    20-30' H, 20-25' W. Full sun to part shade. Zone 4.

    U of MN introduction. Small vase-shaped plant, forms a broad round crown. Purple-pink flowers in May before leaves appear.
    Item # 887