Climbing Vines


  • Aristolochia durior

    16' H. Full sun. Zone 3.

    Large heart shaped, dark green leaves, stays flat against trellis. The unusual flowers look like a miniature pipe. This vine offers dense cover to a trellis or fence. Vigorous twining vine.
    Item # 1408
  • Campsis radicans 'Flava'

    20-40' H. Full sun. Zone 5.

    A robust climber with attractive trumpet-shaped, yellow to yellow-orange flowers in July-September.
    Item # 1286
  • Clematis 'Betty Risdon'

    8-10' H. Part shade to shade. Zone 4

    This clematis prefers shade! Huge blooms up to 8" across. The flowers are a pink-plum with a creamy pink bar. Prune after first bloom to encourage a generous second bloom.
    Item # 5426
  • Clematis 'General Sikorski'

    8-12' H, 3-6' W. Full sun to part shade. Zone 4.

    Large, dark lavender-blue flowers with a tinge of red, blooms July to September. Flowers on both old and new wood.
    Item # 2389
  • Clematis 'New Love'

    3' H, 2' W. Full sun to part shade. Zone 3.

    No need for a trellis with this beautiful clump forming clematis. Star shaped, indigo flowers have and interesting curved shape to the petals. Sweetly scented and attractive to hummingbirds.
    Item # 5319
  • Clematis 'Sweet Summer Love'

    10-12' H. Full sun to part shade. Zone 4.

    Proven Winner. Wouldn't it be great if Sweet Autumn Clematis flowered sooner and longer and came in other colors? Now it does! 'Sweet Summer Love' gives you everything you want: flowers, fragrance and cranberry-violet blooms. Deer resistant.
    Item # 5002
  • Clematis 'Zojogo'

    5-7' H, 2-3' W. Full sun to part sun. Zone 4.

    Proven Winner. Tons of cool, purple-lavender flowers with white stamens, cover this plant most of the summer. Flowers on new wood, so prune back hard in fall.
    Item # 5317
  • Clematis recta 'Purpurea'

    5' H. Full sun to part shade. Zone 3.

    A clump forming perennial with purple foliage that becomes green as the season goes on. Star-shaped, white, fragrant flowers late spring into summer.
    Item # 4167
  • Clematis tangutica 'Radar Love'

    10-15' H, 3' W. Full sun to part shade. Zone 2.

    Excellent hardiness to this bright yellow flowering clematis. Flowers are a dainty bell shape, appearing in mid summer.
    Item # 5321
  • Clematis x 'Multi-Blue'

    6-8' H, 3-4' W. Part sun to part shade. Zone 4.

    Dark blue to almost purple double flowers, with a yellow-green center. Flowers on both old and new wood for seson long color.
    Item # 5318
  • Clematis x 'Zojapur'

    5-8' H, 3-4' W. Full sun to part sun. Zone 5.

    Proven Winner. Striking purple flowers appear on both old and new wood all summer long.
    Item # 5316
  • Humulus lupulus 'Aureus'

    20' H. Full sun. Zone 3.

    Fast growing, golden leafed variety of hops, with cone like fruit. Needs support or trellis.
    Item # 2784