Shipping Information

Shipping Information :

We have several ways to get plants to you.

1. We welcome you to pick up your plants any time during business hours.

Nursery Hours


    November 15th - April 14th                   April15th - September 30th                October 1st - November 15th

                                                   Monday - Friday   9:00 - 3:00                        Monday - Friday   7:30 - 4:00                       Monday - Friday   7:30 - 4:00

                                                         Saturday      Closed                                      Saturday   Closed                                           Saturday      Closed

                                                           Sunday    Closed                                           Sunday    Closed                                            Sunday    Closed 

     Nursery Hours

                                                 Monday - Friday    7:30 - 4:00

                                                 Saturday               Closed   (Open by appointment)

                                                 Sunday               Closed


2. We no longer offer delivery in our own truck - This service is now being contracted out with various delivery services. This is in a variety of vehicle types based on the size of your order and the availability of vehicles, from a van or small truck up to a dock sized truck. Please call our sales office to check on pricing.

                                                           Our Pallets







Pallets on Truck3. Disposable Pallets -

We have a fantastic pallet system that gets your order to you quickly. Most orders are delivered by the next business day. This shipping method works great for orders that are less than $3,500.

Rates will be quoted on an individual basis because of varying fuel surcharges.

                Here are some guidelines on how many plants you can fit on a pallet:

                                                  1 gallon = 250 plants

                                                  2 gallon = 150 plants

                                                  5 gallon = 60 plants

You can mix and match sizes if you'd like. We recommend that you fill the pallet full of plants because the freight cost is the same  to ship it to you whether it has 1 or 250 plants on it.


4. Full semi trucks - If your order exceeds $3,500 or your plants are extra large in size, we will ship it to you on a floor loaded semi truck. Please call the nursery for a rate quote.


    We want you to know that Green Value Nursery makes no money on shipping charges. We simply charge only what it costs to get your order to you.