Weigela florida 'Carnaval'

Profuse colorful red, white and pink flowers, blooming on this compact plant.
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Weigela florida 'Carnaval'

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Profuse colorful red, white and pink flowers, blooming on this compact plant.

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  • Berberis thunbergii 'Aurea Nana'

    The intensely golden yellow foliage greens up a bit as the leaves mature. This glowing, low, rounded shrub also features brilliant red berries in the fall.
  • Hydrangea paniculata 'SMHPLQF'

    Proven Winner. The name says it all -- this diminutive shrub throws fluffy, creamy flowers that turn deep pink with red stems. You'll enjoy their color in your garden before other paniculata varieties have even begun to bloom.
  • Stephanandra incisa 'Interzon'

    Compact form and finely textured leaves that emerge bronze and become green. Fall color is fantastic orange. White flowers emerge in June.
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    Proven Winner. Flowers can be 12-16" long. Two-toned blooms emerge white and turn deep pink as they age. Upright habit. Red stems thankfully hold the gigantic trusses skyward.

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