Astilbe japonica 'Deutschland'

Loose plumes of beautiful white flowers blooming June through July. Compact grower.
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Astilbe japonica 'Deutschland'

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Loose plumes of beautiful white flowers blooming June through July. Compact grower.

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  • Rosa 'Chewallbell'

    It's a delicious shade of pink, with a touch of coral to keep it from being too sweet. Large flowers pop against the glossy green leaves. The clean, disease-resisant foliage has reddish new growth. Look for up to 20 petals on each flower of this floriferous, disease-resistant rose.
  • Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Filagran'

    Blue flowers are produced in July through September. Fine textured grey-green leaves.
  • Taxus x media 'Taunton'

    Dense green needles with bright gold tips make this evergreen glow in the shade. You can sheer this Yew 2-3 times per year for a formal look or let the branches grow for a natural arching form and habit. One of the few evergreens for shade.
  • Berberis thunbergii 'Monry'

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  • Campanula poscharskyana 'Blue Waterfall'

    Lovely cascading habit. A gush of cool blue, bell-shaped flowers cascade from the center of the plant. Has been known to reach a good spread the first year, then double in size the second year.

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