Perennial Flowers


  • Astilbe japonica 'Montgomery'

    24-30" H. Part shade to shade. Zone 3.

    Thick, red plumes blooming in July. Foliage is crimson tinged too. One of the best Astilbes.
    Item # 03502
  • Astilbe japonica 'Rheinland'

    2' H. Part shade to shade. Zone 3.

    Dense free blooming spikes of pink flowers appear early summer. Deeply cut leaflets.
    Item # 2926
  • Astilbe simplicifolia 'Sprite'

    10-12" H. Part shade to shade. Zone 4.

    1994 Perennial Plant of the Year. Shiny coppery foliage. Dark rose flowers bloom July to August.
    Item # 66
  • Astilbe x arendsii 'Fanal'

    18-24" H. Part shade to shade. Zone 3.

    Dark red flowers bloom on full, narrow plumes. Foliage is dark green and deeply cut. Blooms June to July.
    Item # 2526
  • Baptisia 'Lunar Eclipse'

    24-36" H. Full sun. Zone 4.

    'Lunar Eclipse' was selected for its unique flowers which are oversize and hold well above the foliage. The flowers start with lemon and cream petals on top, then transitioning to violet and dark purple at the bottom. A unique two to three toned color effect makes this a show stopper!
    Item # 5226
  • Baptisia australis

    36-48" H, 3' W. Full sun. Zone 3.

    2010 Perennial Plant of the Year. Blue-green foliage and dark blue flowers. Blooms May to July. A sturdy native wildflower. Pods turn charcoal and provides visual interest in winter.
    Item # 1529
  • Baptisia x 'Carolina Moonlight'

    3' H, 4' W. Full sun to part shade. Zone 4.

    Long blooming and tough, a dazzling addition to the native plant palette. Elegant spikes of bright yellow flowers with tidy blue green foliage in early summer.
    Item # 4182
  • Campanula poscharskyana 'Blue Waterfall'

    8-10" H. Full sun to part shade. Zone 4.

    Lovely cascading habit. A gush of cool blue, bell-shaped flowers cascade from the center of the plant. Has been known to reach a good spread the first year, then double in size the second year.
    Item # 4619
  • Chelone lyonii 'Hot Lips'

    2' H. 2' W. Full sun. Zone 3.

    Fascinating snapdragon-like flowers over spreading plants. Blossoms are said to resemble the heads of open mouthed turtles. Rosy-pink flowers provide late season color that graces the glossy, fine toothed foliage. Chelone is an ideal plant for the middle-of-the-border. Will provide a nice contrast for dwarf shrubs.
    Item # 05560
  • Chelone lyonii 'Tiny Tortuga'

    15" H. Full sun to part shade. Zone 3.

    Uniquely shaped, dark pink flowers in clusters up the stem. Thick, dark green leaves. Very compact. Spreads slowly. Deer and disease resistant. Blooms late summer to fall.
    Item # 5225
  • Cimicifuga simplex 'Little Black Dress'

    40" H. Full sun to part shade. Zone 4.

    Exclusive to Green Value Nursery! Frilly chocolate foliage makes 'Little Black Dress' a true shade diva. Pink/white, fragrant bottlebrush flowers that bloom in late summer adds a stately presence. This selection is one of the darkest Cimicifugas.
    Item # 4276
  • Coreopsis verticillata 'Moonbeam'

    18-22" H. Full sun. Zone 3.

    1992 Perennial Plant of the Year. Mass of small clear yellow flowers born on fine threadleaf foliage. June to frost bloom.
    Item # 968